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Choose as many items as you wish. Price on application.

Included in the price of the quote of the barbecue is disposable cutlery and food boxes. Unless you want to use china, which can be hired on application.

sausage in fork


  • Burrow Farm 6oz steak sirloin
  • Burrow Farm 6oz rump steak
  • Burrow farm 10oz T bone steak
  • Lamb cutlets 4oz French trim, with chermoula dressing
  • Lamb double 6oz chump chop with a mango salsa Lamb koftas
  • Baby back ribs with mesquite marinade


  • Beechwood organic chicken thighs with Jd barbecue sauce Beechwood organic chicken wings jerk style
  • Beechwood organic chicken cooked in a bag with lemon and thyme
  • Beechwood organic chicken cooked in a bag with pancetta Beechwood
  • Breast of organic duck supreme with quince & ginger glaze
  • Beechwood organic confit of duck leg with orange and sage


  • Mackerel spiced with smoked tomatoes
  • Peppered salmon
  • Seared pollock with roasted peppers & pesto;
  • Thai style sea-bass cooked in a bag Blackened Cajun bream
  • Scallops with chilli & garlic butter
  • Hot smoked peppered mackerel
  • Spanish chorizo Peppered Rainbow trout


  • Cajun halloumi skewers with sour creme dressing
  • Wild mushroom parcels with garlic and herb butter
  • Mozzarella and pesto aubergine parcels
  • Thai lentil burgers
  • Cajun tofu burger
  • Roasted Vegetable and feta parcel
  • Roasted peppers stuffed with Moroccan spiced vegetables
  • Sri-arch grilled tofu skewers
  • Red beans with guacamole,salsa creme fraiche parcel


  • Fajita seasoning Cajun rub
  • Jamaican jerk rub Chinese rub
  • Lemon and thyme rub
  • Mesquite marinade Barbecue marinade
  • Smoked chilli jam Sweet chilli marinade
  • Jack Daniels Marinade Chipotle
  • Marinade Lemon hummus
  • Sun blushed tomato hummus Baba Ghanoush
  • Coriander and lime hummus
  • Black olive tapenade
  • Chermoula dressing
  • Harissa dressing
  • Garlic lime creme fraiche Wasabi cream


  • Served with rustic burger buns /rolls
  • Elston farm pork honey sausages
  • Elston farm pork apple sausages
  • Elston farm pork coriander and chilli sausages
  • Garland Hayes Farm version and pear sausages
  • Garland Hayes Farm version and cranberry sausages
  • Lamb koftas burgers
  • Smoked chorizo sausages
  • Rustic 6oz beef steak burger 100% meat
  • Rustic 6oz Lamb and mint burger 100% meat


  • Beechwood chicken
  • Caesar with parmesan and anchovies coleslaw
  • Tomato, cucumber and basil
  • Garden peppered leaves
  • Hot roasted summer vegetables with warm chorizo
  • Shaved fennel and orange with con t de canard
  • Cajun potato wedges
  • Twice baked jacket potato
  • Chicken & parmesan salad with garden pesto
  • Panzanella (Italian tomato salad with toasted sour dough bread & Spanish anchovies)
  • Zucchini ribbons with toasted pine nuts & white beans
  • Pear & ginger salad with elliises cured ham
  • Wild rocket white bean & artichoke salad
  • Penne pasta with new potato’s green beans & green pea pesto
  • The ultimate tomato & mozzarella salad (A selection of natural grown tomatoes with basil)
  • Roasted summer vegetables with toasted chorizo
  • Summer vegetable coleslaw with black olive tapenade
  • Cephalonian feta cheese mint salad
  • Honey roasted Halloumi cheese with mango, rocket, and mint crème fraiche
  • Salad of summer beetroot with spring onions, dried tomato’s g balsamic & caraway seed
  • Sumac & honey roasted carrots, caper berries, minted pea pesto
  • Roasted summer vegetable salad with fried chorizo, tahini dressing
  • Cajun spiced celeriac coleslaw with honey roasted cashews
  • Balsamic slow roasted tomatoes with basil & salsa Verde

We offer a range of different styles of food.

We have created fantastic menus for a whole range of occasions.