Pearled spelt with oyster mushrooms & wilted greens
Aubergine charlotte with sweet potato galette
Butternut Squash risotto with charred artichokes, saffron potatoes,
parmesan and chive cream
Herb gnocchi with wilted chard, asparagus mousse & pea & mint emulsion
Summer squash dumplings, vegetable melange,smoked tomato’s, black olives & shaved fennel
Spring vegetable risotto with micro sprout salad
New season asparagus, quails egg, sanfire, vegetable pave with sauce ceviche
Open lasagne with garden vegetables, Parmesan crisp, sweet basil pesto
Sweet & hot pepper stew with zucchini fritters & white Mild goat’s cheese & celeriac mousse, charred bread, roasted beets, rainbow chard & smoked butternut sauce
Confit of wood mushroom tart with a pea and mint pesto
Filo cup with aged balsamic slow roasted tomatoes, wilted fort hook and bocconcini
Fennel and spinach tagine, crispy ginger halloumi, butternut and mint couscous. Pearl salad with torn pistachio flatbread
Wild mushroom wellington with a tamari and green tea sauce
Butternut and parmesan cannelloni, saffron, wild sorrel rice cake. Seared asparagus, lemon verbena hollandaise
Lentil dumplings with cumin yogurt and nutty honeyed, pilaff puff flatbread
Sweet and spicy cheese with mung dahl rice
Tomato and tamarind potato with green coriander rice
Saffron tortellini with asparagus,pine nuts and puy lentils parcels, Artichoke pesto with silk wilted pasta
Whipped goat cheese, blackberry leather, deep fried couchette owers truffle honey, saffron dauphinoise stack
Beetroot and goats cheese cannelloni, pea and mint mousse, potato galette tahini and celeriac puree
Porcini mushroom steamed pudding, seared broccoli and hazelnut tamari dressing
Summer vegetable ragout with shitake mushroom dumpling and orange ginger dressing