Field to fork wood fired pizzas


Our pizzas are handmade and then baked in purely wood fired oven at 400 degrees, giving a superb crisp texture and a unique light flavour
We use only the finest organic flour.Each pizza is served quickly to satisfy the needs of any event or evening wedding event that seek a more superior food offering. We cater for vegetarians and also serve a beautiful range of sweet pizzas (sweetza) which will delight those with a sweet tooth.If you would like to make up your favourite pizza topping, we are happy to help you Create what you want. We are very passionate and proud about our values. The wood we use is sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and we recycle all paper, plastic and glass. Take away boxes are 100% biodegradable.

Please email for prices.
V stands for vegetarian & vg stands for vegan
Our pizzas are hand rolled to 10inch in diameter
(Margarita) Sweet sun ripened tomatoes with mozzarella & torn basil (v)
(Oak smoked chicken) Cajun spiced organic chicken with bourbon chipotle sauce fired peppers & rocket
(Meat balls) Ruby red beef meatballs with oregano and mozzarella
(Torn pork) slow roasted shoulder of pork cooked in real ale with caramelized apples and parmesan
(Potato & rosemary) with mozzarella, rosemary, thyme & fresh oak smoked tomatoes(v)
(Anchovies) with mozzarella fresh chilli, capers and parsley
(Tomato & garlic sausage) with whole hen egg, artichokes, olives & mozzarella
(Beechwood organic Duck) with figs parmesan & arugula
(Seasonal Sweet spiced veggies) with cumin, apricots & baba ghanoush dressing (vg)
(Sweetza) sweet pizzas for the sweet toothed person
(Mixed Grape) with pine nuts ricotta, drizzled with local organic honey
(Peanut butter) with cinnamon, shaved chocolate, granola grits
(Butter scotch) with apples and creme patisserie
All of the above can be turned into a calzone pizza (folded)
For Additional options please look at other items on the brochure.