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Organic Catering, Organic Caterers in Devon

Organic Catering, Organic Caterers in Devon

If you’re organising a wedding, party or corporate event and are in need of an organic catering company in Devon, then look no further than ours!

We are going to guide you through the benefits of organic catering and menu items Field To Fork offers that are popular amongst our customers.

We specialize in providing delicious and healthy food options for all types of events. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function or a private party, we can work with you to create a menu that will tantalize your guests’ taste buds. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Organic catering services in Devon by Field To Fork

Our organic catering business in Devon, Field to Fork, strive to provide the best organic food service the region has to offer. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and freshly harvested from local farms and markets, ensuring that we bring customers the most flavourful dishes available.

Our focus is on using easy cooking methods that optimise the quality of organic ingredients. If you need organic catering for a special event or any other occasion, trust Field to Fork as your organic catering company!

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The benefits of organic food, including being healthier for you and the environment

Organic food has become increasingly popular over recent years, and for good reason! Organic food is not only healthier for you and your family, but it also helps protect the environment. It uses significantly fewer chemicals than conventionally grown vegetables and fruits, keeping our air, soil, and water clean – resulting in a safer living environment for everyone. Plus, organic foods typically have more fibre, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Studies show that people who follow organic diets can experience an improved quality of life with less intake of toxic substances and exposure to chemical-laden foods. Not to mention the fact that you know exactly where your food is coming from! Make the sustainable choice today to shop local and organic on your next grocery run.

Our most popular menu items are sure to please your guests

Field to Fork is Devon’s premier catering service and has been serving the area for many years. At Field to Fork, we strive to bring our customers the best in quality and flavour. Our most popular menu items that can please any crowd are Pizza, BBQ and Canapes! Pizza is an absolute classic when it comes to pleasing a crowd – especially when it comes loaded with extra toppings for added flavour. For something a bit more adventurous, try our signature BBQ dishes with marinaded meats bursting with flavours from around the world. Or satisfy everyone’s appetite with an array of delicious canapes that’ll bring variety to your event. We have something for everyone! So whether you’re having a family gathering or corporate event- Field to Fork has all your catering needs covered.

We hope that this information has shown why Field to Fork and our organic catering services in Devon are the perfect choices for any occasion. Through providing safer, healthier options we strive for a higher level of quality and taste in every meal we create. Our main goal is to please you, your guests and your wallets with our amazing menu items. Whether you have a special day coming up or just want to switch to healthier food, Field to Fork has some of the best options available in Devon for you. From vegan dishes to succulent meats and sweet desserts, we have everything you need for an unforgettable experience. To book your own organic catering food service, get in touch with us today! We guarantee that no matter the event, a meal from Field to Fork will leave everyone feeling satisfied and excited for more.

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    Additional Information

    Areas we cover

    Field To Fork offers our organic catering food services throughout Devon including East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon, South Hams, Teignbridge, Torridge and West Devon.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are our customer's favourite menu items?

    At Field to Fork, our customers love the variety that we offer in terms of menu items. Our most popular dishes are Pizza, BBQ and Canapes. Customers love our signature pizzas, which come loaded with delicious toppings for extra flavour. Our BBQ dishes bring a variety of flavours from around the world with marinaded meats that are locally sourced.

    What foods are widely popular for catering?

    Throughout our many years of catering, we have found that sandwiches, salads, Italian, Mexican and canapes are the most popular food types for all occasions including weddings, private parties, corporate parties and birthdays.

    What is the easiest food to serve at a party or wedding?

    One of the easiest and most popular foods to serve at a party or wedding is canapes. These bite-sized morsels offer a delicious variety of flavours that are sure to please any crowd. They are also incredibly easy to prepare, making them an ideal option for hosts who want a hassle-free meal without sacrificing flavour.


    What foods are good for a buffet that are popular?

    When it comes to buffets, there are a few popular foods that can easily be served and enjoyed by large groups. Some of these include salads, sandwiches, and hot dishes such as lasagna and chilli. Salads are a great way to add colour and texture to the buffet, as well as provide a light yet healthy option for everyone.


    What is organic catering?

    Organic catering is a type of catering that uses organic food, which means grown and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, additives or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It focuses on environmentally friendly production techniques, sustainability and animal welfare. Organic caterers strive to provide healthy meals with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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